.The Star of Meenyhoogan Shines Bright Over Killybegs

How the Star of Meenyhoogan came to shine To commemorate the 1916 Easter Rising, Stephen Blaine, Dermot Boyle and Paul Maguire erected the pole to raise the Irish Flag.

That same year Stephen came up with the idea to make a Star and put it on the pole. He then welded a Star together and the star was erected along with the help from Paul, Shaun Paul and Dermot Boyle who carried out the wiring to be powered from Stephen's house.

The star was struck by lightening two years ago and the lights had to be replaced and rewired. Every year since the Star is erected with the help from the neighbours to coincide with the switching on of the Town's Christmas Lights

 The Star of Meenyhoogan Shines Bright Over Killybegs A big thanks to the Blaine and Boyle family for all the work of putting up the star just getting up up with the gear is hard work . The star is on the top of Meenyhoogan hill looking out over Killybegs and Donegal Bay can you see it from your house .

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