so we look forward to seeing you! in the Bay View Hotel from 5pm – 7.30pm.

20:20 Vision Project Content

PART 1:          Introduction


PART 2:          Killybegs in earlier times


PART 3:          Killybegs in 1970


PART 4:          Killybegs in 1995


PART 5:          Killybegs in 2020


PART 6:          In depth study on:                   Niall Mór N.S.

                                                                        The pier & fishing

                                                                        The Killybegs Church


PART 7:          A booklet on each child who participated in the project


PART 8:          Collector’s items that included a telephone directory of the Killybegs area and a copy of the Farmers Journal to name but a few….


PART 9:          Plans for the local arts & cinema centre

Development plans for Killybegs; A submission by the Killybegs Parish Development       Association.


PART 10:        Tape recordings of Frankie Daniels Cunningham (RIP), Tom O’Keefe, Frankie Tom Gallagher, Claire Tully, Tommy Dorrian (R.I.P.), Jimmy White, Joey Murrin (R.I.P.) & Pat McGinty to name but a few…….                                               

                        Video showing events in Killybegs in 1970 (Fishing) & 1995.


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