Results of quiz on “How Well you know Killybegs”

Results of quiz on “How Well you know Killybegs”


1)             Ladies Door                Drimanoo

2)             Crawford’s Brae         Between Bank of Ireland and Bridge St

3)             Stoneybatter                Between Fish Shop and Brosnans

4)             Ballsbridge                 Fintra

5)             Lime Kiln                    Croaghlin

6)             Graveyard Rd.            Later known as Spout St   Now known as St Catherine’s Rd

7)             Water Lane                 Between New Row and St Catherine's Rd

8)             Cow Market                Grotto area

9)             Well Brae                    Below Forester’s Hall

10)           Dead Walk                 Runs from Donegal Rd to Church Rd (near St Catherine’s School)

11)           Giant’s Grave             Drimanoo

12)           Éire Sign                    Drimanoo Head

13)           Coalyard Lane           Between Mellys’ Cafe and West Winds B and B (Faherty’s)

14)           Lookout Posts           

 (3 Of them)                Roshine, Drimanoo and Island


15)           Original Coastguard

 Station                        Roshine


16)  Nun’s Cove                Small beach near Fintra beach

17)           Lyon Bridge               Beside Ryan’s Bridge

18)           Rectory                      Where Mrs Dr Curran lives

19)           Kit’s Castle                Above St Catherine’s Well

20)           Drumbannon Island   Drimanoo

21)           Mary Bunty’s Lane    Lane near David (Spot) Gallagher’s

22)           Castlepoint                 Where Boatyard is

23)           Railway crossing

 houses (There are 3)  1 Commons   2 Ardara Rd   3 Five Points


Thanks to John Murrin for all the work i hope that you enjoyed it

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