Quiz No 2 How Well Do You Know Killybegs?

Quiz No 2   How Well Do You Know Killybegs?


1)             Where in the parish are the townlands of

a. Culnagappog

b. Lyrig

c. Cor na cahan

2)             What happened in Killybegs on 8th Dec 1965 and hasn’t happened since. (It hasn’t to do with fishing industry)

3)             Who was the first international sportsman from Killybegs

4)             What closed in Killybegs on 31st Dec 1983

5)             What premises in the town were once known as

a. Cones Hotel

b. Gannon’s Hotel

c. Quinns Hotel

6)             What is the name of the lake that town water supply comes from

7)             How many round houses in the parish

8)             Where is Ned’s Brae

9)             There is one railway bridge in the parish that traffic crosses every day. Where is it

10)           How many green water pumps in the town

11)           What was the name of the secondary school known as O’Rourke’s 

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