Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and stay safe. From your Killybegs Community Hospital Fa

The staff and patients of Killybegs Community Hospital would like to express their deep gratitude to the communities we serve and far beyond for all their help and support during our recent difficult time with Covid-19.
All patients and clients who use our hospital very quickly become much more than that, part of an extended family if you like. Some are regular visitors, some are with us for a lengthy period and for some, this is their home. While they are away from their families, and especially during the restrictions of Covid, we become their families, helping them and supporting them throughout. The month of April brought in with it the most difficult period our hospital has experienced since it opened in December 2000. Even though now, as our days are looking much brighter, we did not come through this period unscathed. Not all of our hospital ‘family’ are still with us today after this tough experience. We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the families who had to say goodbye from a distance and who asked us to say goodbye on their behalf, we hope we carried those wishes out well. We were saying goodbye too. They will forever live in our memories and hearts. May they Rest in Peace.
To the families of our patients, people and businesses of our communities, thank you for all the treats including home-bakes, minerals, fruit baskets and Easter eggs. We might all be a few pounds, well maybe more than a few pounds heavier, but they were very welcomed at different intervals of the day and night.
We would like to thank all the individuals, sports groups and companies who donated PPE equipment in the form of hand sanitisers, hand-made masks, scrubs and visors to name but a few. We hope you know how important those deliveries were. We know the hard work and skill that went into making these items and we are grateful for the time and effort that went into securing them.
We even received beautiful care hampers full of scented goodies and luxury products; some as a result of being nominated in a company draw, or a competition online, and some as a donation by thoughtful business people and indivuduals to our staff. The handmade soaps made essential oils were indeed a real luxury product. The hand creams too were a luxury to use after each day of hand sanitising. It is incredible the talent that lies within our communities. It is so nice to know that we are constantly in your thoughts. Thank you.
To all the people who fund raised and donated to our Patient’s Comfort Fund, we were blown away by your generosity. In difficult and uncertain times for many, you still found it in your hearts to donate to our hospital either directly or through various different fundraisers including birthday donations and raffles for sought after artwork by local artists. We also received Tablets which will be useful additions for many purposes including video chats with families who cannot visit or may be living a distance away. This brings so much joy and keeps very important connections for our patients. Thank you, we are forever in your debt.

We also have to mention everyone who went to their doorsteps each Thursday night to clap for all frontline staff. We got such a lovely surprise on one of those Thursday nights, when we witnessed a line of people outside our building with an amazing display of flares. Another Thursday, in true Killybegs style, all the fishing vessels in the harbour released their unique sound in unison at 8pm for all frontline workers. We were truly honoured. The ringing of church bells was also a great source of comfort to us. These are all very touching moments that will live long in our memories and we cannot thank you enough.
We go forward now, still surrounded by the threat of Covid-19, however, we go in the hope that the current process will keep us all safe, and that with each phase we can move a step closer to our new normal. Please know that we are doing everything we can to keep safe in order to keep the people most precious in your lives safe also. They are our ‘family’ too. We can do this knowing that we have the support of you all with us every step of the way. We really are all in this together.
Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and stay safe.
From your Killybegs Community Hospital Family.

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