Quiz No 2 How Well Do You Know Killybegs

 Quiz No 2  How Well Do You Know Killybegs?

1) Where in the parish are the townlands of

a. Culnagappog            Answer: Fintra

b. Lyrig                        Answer: Behind Cronarad

c. Cor na cahan            Answer: Between Conlin and Ballysalagh


2) What happened in Killybegs on 8th Dec 1965 and hasn’t

happened since. (It hasn’t to do with fishing industry)

Answer There was a murder


3) Who was the first international sportsman from Killybegs?

Answer: Tommy McGinley


4) What closed in Killybegs on 31st Dec 1983?  

Answer: The cinema


5) What premises in the town were once known as

a. Cones Hotel            Answer: The Cope

b. Gannon’s Hotel      Answer:  Sweet News

c. Quinns Hotel           Answer: The Fleet Inn


6) What is the name of the lake that town water supply comes from?     

Answer: Lough Aderry

7) How many round houses in the parish  

Answer: 3


8) Where is Ned’s Brae?  

Answer: Between Roundabout and Brockey cottages


9) There is one railway bridge in the parish that traffic crosses every day where is it?   

Answer: The Commons


10)  How many green water pumps in the town?

Answer: 4


11)  What was the name of the secondary school known as St Mary’s College?

Answer: O’Rourke’s


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