@Karen Connell is a Fabulous, Vibrant, Hardworking Trojan of a woman

Love the inspiration and idea behind this website
www.KaisClothing.com 💓

@Karen Connell is a Fabulous, Vibrant, Hardworking Trojan of a woman. Today she launched her online shop, selling sustainable, 100% organic cotton garments, what's special about these garments is the how they are inspired by Women of Irish History who trailblazed through the obstacles of their time.

Each item is individually named with the story behind the name told in full on the website.

Inspired by Mna na hEireann (Women of Ireland)🍀 Good Luck Karen xx

Here’s yours truly rocking our 100% organic cotton classic white tee, down #killybegs pier no less! Shot by our local talent @briancampbellphotography! Check out our website to see why we’re obsessed with Sybil and her badass ways - one of my fav moments was when she told @dailymail in 1957 she chose to not marry because she “liked to buy my mink and diamonds myself thanks” 🤣🤣 I wish someone would interview me so I could say that too 💎 Check out the link to shop Sybil in our bio and bring some of her bad bish ways into your life!

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